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BSF Air Inflation Flotation Machine

BSF Air Inflation Flotation Machine


1、Absorption of XCF and KYF, BSK flotation cell, etc.
2、The improvement of the impeller and the transmission part of the flow, the need to use less aeration, flotation effect is good

Work Principle

When flotation machine work, with the rotation of the impeller, from the surrounding slurry tank bottom to breathe through the lower end of the impeller between the impeller blades, simultaneously, by the blower to the air distributor and the low-pressure air through the hollow shaft impeller chamber, also enter. Pulp mixed with air in between the blades, the impeller from the top half of the surrounding syncline launched by the rear of the stator steady flow and directional access to the entire tank. Foam bubbles rise to the stable region, through the enrichment process, the foam from the artesian overflow weir into the foam tank. Also part of the pulp flow to the lower part of the impeller, and then by an impeller stirring, remixed formation of mineralized bubbles, the remaining pulp flows to the next trough until eventually become tailings.

Product Features

The machine has improved the flow of the impeller and the transmission part and so on. With less aeration, the flotation effect is good.

Mechanical stirring, not self suction, not self suction pulp, operating between ladder configuration.

Product Application

BSF Air Inflation Flotation Cell can be widely used in non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, and non-metallic mineral selection, suitable for large and medium sized flotation plant of the rough selection and scavenging operations.

Technical Parameters

Model Effective volume
Processing capacity
Impeller diameter
Impeller speed
Blower pressure
Maximum inflation amount
Stirring motor
Motor Scraper
Single weight
BSF-2.2 2.2 0.5-3 420 260 ≥15 1~2 5.5 0.75 1750
BSF-4 4 0.5-4 500 230,220 ≥17 1~3 7.5 0.75 2568
BSF-6 6 1.0-6 650 197 ≥21 1~4 18.5 1.1 3570
BSF-8 8 1.0-8 650 180,190 1~4.5 15 4539
BSF-10 10 2.0-10 630 175 1~5 18.5 4864
BSF-16 16 2.0-15 750 160,170 ≥27 1~7 30 8131
BSF-24 24 7.0-20 830 154,159 ≥29 2~10 37 9546
BSF-38 38 10.0-30 910 141 ≥34 3~15 45 11107

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