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Quartz and feldspar flotation separation process brief introduction

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Quartz and feldspar flotation separation process brief introduction

Hydrofluoric acid method

Hydrofluoric acid method is the traditional method of quartz-feldspar flotation separation, refers to hydrofluoric acid or a fluoride do feldspar activator, in a strongly acidic medium, with amines and other cationic collector floated priority feldspar separation methods.

Mechanism of quartz-feldspar hydrofluoric acid separation is: With the pH of the slurry drops, pulp system solutions quartz, feldspar surface dissociation equilibrium is broken. Concentration increased, so that the dissociation equilibrium is shifted towards the negative direction of decreasing. When the pH value of 2 to 3 o'clock, quartz surface zeta potential close to zero, due to the HF acid etching Si 10 keys, so long stone surface AI prominent and become active centers. At the same time, the solution quickly formed [SiF] a complex ion, which will work with feldspar surface Al3 +, K, Na form a stable complex, which is attached to the surface of feldspar, feldspar surface makes a certain electronegativity . When cationic collector added to the system, it will be electrostatically attracted to the surface of feldspar, so that feldspar surface hydrophobicity and priority surfaced.

Fluorine-free acid method

Fluorine-free acid method is a strongly acidic, namely a pH of 2 to 3 medium, using amines and petroleum sulfonate as cationic Mixed collector priority surfaced feldspar.

Since the fluoride ions would cause great harm the natural environment. According to K. H. Experimental study of Rao et al showed that the role of the mechanism of acid fluorine-free separation of quartz-feldspar is this: When the pulp pH value of 2-3, which is in the vicinity of zero potential of quartz, feldspar ratio of zero potential when The pH should be large (feldspar at pH 1.5 up to zero potential). So at this time is not charged surface of the quartz, feldspar surface and negatively charged, strongly acidic medium on the one hand make the solution feldspar surface from negatively charged reducing the balance to the direction of movement, on the other hand, the gap feldspar lattice Al region tared metal ions K or Na was dissolved pulp, thus positively charged surface of the cavity. When the anion and cation mixing collector was added to the pulp, quartz surface will form a weak electrostatic adsorption and molecular adsorption; and then there will be active in Al anionic collector characteristics of adsorbed feldspar surface, positively charged holes to catch cation collector electrostatic adsorption and molecular adsorption. Multiple adsorption promote each other, synergies, so feldspar catching big collector surface adsorption than quartz, feldspar priority surfaced so isolated and quartz.

CFC-free acid-free method

Some data indicate that the relevant literature, good collector dodecylamine and other long-chain alkyl amines are quartz, the best mineral flotation zone is weakly alkaline range.

1) Neutral media

Flotation mechanism neutral medium conditions is: in a neutral medium, quartz, feldspar are negatively charged, cationic collector can feature adsorbed on the surface of Al feldspar micro region is formed, comprising of suitable ions collector adsorption ability to form micelles hydrophobic molecules, so that the surface is much higher than feldspar quartz, feldspar flotation can be separated and quartz.

2) 2) Alkaline medium

Flotation mechanism under alkaline conditions for media: in alkaline medium condition, feldspar floatability weak, and quartz Flotability remained unchanged, the flotation of quartz, feldspar and thus separated.

Process Flow

Quartz and feldspar separation Process Flow

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