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Froth Flotation Process

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Froth Flotation Process

Froth flotation process

Froth flotation process Introduction
Almost two billion tons of ore in Worldwide is dressed by flotation process ,froth flotation is clearly an important scientific method for ore dressing.
Foam separated.
Froth flotation process conditions
To be separated with a surface active substance.

Froth flotation separation system Introduction

Froth flotation separation system

Froth flotation:According to the different separation methods, it can be divided into the following categories:
Mineral flotation
Coarse flotation
Particle flotation
Ion flotation and molecular flotation
The precipitate flotation
Adsorbing colloid flotation

Primarily process

The main process of froth flotation is the bubble rise with mineral, then enrich foam layer formed on the surface of the slurry. This process is simple, but the details is complex, its adaptability and effectiveness make bubble flotation wipe become sorting complex, a method most widely used in low-grade ore dressing.

Froth flotation mode

1. Froth impurity(Reverse flotation).

2. Froth extraction (positive flotation).

Foam-forming process

Foam-forming process

The formation of foam bubbles geometry consists of two parts, One is foam, two or more bubbles, second is the membrane between foam and the foam is composed of a small amount of liquid foam skeleton.

Froth flotation reagents

Minerals whether floating or not, depending on the activity of the mineral surface.Most of their nature mineral floatability are poor. Relying solely on the difference in wettability can not be successfully separated among mineral minerals. The role of flotation reagent flotation process is to change the nature of the phase interface. The main drug used in the collector agent and adjust agent like.

Froth flotation Applications

1. Hydrometallurgy ore flotation.

2. Bioengineering of cell separation, protein separation.

3. Industrial wastewater treatment.