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Antimony -- gravity flotation process

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Antimony -- gravity flotation process


The content of antimony antimony in a project in Xinhai 3.19%. Antimony accounted for about 95.30% of total antimony, small amounts of antimony deposit in oxide antimony trioxide or antimonate, accounting for about 4.70% of total antimony; the content of carbon in the ore is 6.43%, which inorganic carbon up to 5.46%, belong to the high carbon refractory antimony sulfide stone. After the Xinhai Institute schemes tests identified by gravity separation flotation process of antimony ore recovery. The experiment finally obtained the grade of sb was 58.71%, recovery rate was 93.75% mixed antimony concentrate, Xinhai implement the recovery of antimony with maximum intensity of and reduce the tailings pollution to the environment, bring the enormous economic benefits.

[Brief introduction]

Proportion of antimony are far greater than the proportion of gangue, by gravity separation method, gravity method has the advantages of high efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection and other features, but also to enable low grade ore preconcentration and gravity separation of antimony then the flotation method can be purified. Therefore the Xinhai antimony ore beneficiation commonly used gravity flotation combined process.

[Process Introduction]

Xinhai gravity flotation process specific process: hand selected raw ore after crushing and fine crushing, particle size of ore control in 30mm, screening and grading for 8-30mm, 2-6mm, 0-2mm three a particle level, respectively, into the Xinhai AM30 jig, Xinhai LTA1010/2 jig, Xinhai sawtooth wave jig in jigging gravity. Get mixed concentrate into gravity concentrate area. Gravity separation process after setting flotation process, grinding the re-election of the tailings, grading, stirring and flotation, flotation process using a coarse, Sanjing, two sweep of the flotation process. HISTEP grade antimony flotation flotation concentrate. Flotation tailings by tabling, recovering fine antimony oxide, high grade antimony concentrate and tailings.

The dissemination size of extra thick lump ore, Xinhai in the crushing process in the purchase of hand selected process, manual elected lump ore, hand selected tailings again crushing and screening enter the gravity flow.

[Process Flow]